Writing to Music

Do you listen to music when you are writing? If not, maybe you should. Music has some amazing benefits for a writer. It can… How Writing to Music Works Listening to music increases blood flow to the brain. In particular, the parts of our brain that control our emotions and our memory come alert when… Continue reading Writing to Music

Adding Depth to Dialogue

Dialogue should play a major role in any story. Pages full of descriptive and narrative paragraphs are less enticing than hearing the characters speak for themselves in their own voices. Dialogue has an immediacy to it that is missing from all other kinds of writing. Dialogue: Two or more people or characters tell each other… Continue reading Adding Depth to Dialogue

Finding Your Novel’s Theme

For the longest time, I have been pondering how to embed a theme in a novel. Isn’t it enough to have a premise, to have plenty of action and to develop each character’s arc? But while preparing the final revision for my newly released, That Dickinson Girl, I discovered a way to determine the theme… Continue reading Finding Your Novel’s Theme