Organize and De-Clutter Your Writing Zone

Clutter around you, clutters your mind

~ Make it Beautiful ! Organizing is something you do before you do something, so when you do it, it is not all mixed up. ~ A.A. Milne   Last month, while pondering my Big Word FOCUS, I learned that maintaining one’s focus on one’s writing is a challenge that requires you to become immersed in the … Continue reading Organize and De-Clutter Your Writing Zone

My 2019 New Year Resolutions

New year Resolution word art

~A Dozen Hopes for 2019 ~ Time to make those 2019 New Year Resolutions. I have a long tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions. I bet many of you do too. After all, we only get a chance to revisit our hopes and dreams every 365 days. Usually, I make a list and stuff it away. … Continue reading My 2019 New Year Resolutions

Fifteen Minutes Writing – The Book Factory Method

Writing in Fifteen Minutes by Zara West

~ Life in Fifteen Minutes ~ Do you know how much time you spend on daily activities like reading e-mail and perusing Facebook? Do you struggle to reach your daily word count? I know that I do. A while back, I took a workshop with USA best-selling author Kerri Nelson, which she has recently published … Continue reading Fifteen Minutes Writing – The Book Factory Method

Writing Visionary Goals

Writing visionary goals by Zara WEst

~ Why I Start with Visionary Goals ~ In my last post, I talked about how I set up my writing journal. In this post I will explain how I set my visionary goals. Designing Visionary Goals When designing goals, there are three things we are advised that make a good goal. The first is … Continue reading Writing Visionary Goals