Storyboard Your Novel

Storyboards are a quick, fluid way to plan a novel. It is a way to see how your story events flow together, how they match up with the plotting template you choose to use, and where there are plot holes.

Mind Mapping Your Story Ideas

Are you a visual person? Do you hate outlining? Then mind mapping is for you. It is also a powerful tool for any writer. A mind map is a visual representation of connected ideas. This makes it perfect for playing with different elements of a story.

How to Brainstorm Your Novel into Existence

All the motivation and energy in the world will not produce a finished novel. We first need ideas. Focused brainstorming is one way to inspire them.

Destined to Write

Writing is an adventure with a destination. To write freely and creatively a writer needs to have a clear mind, inner joy, and a path to travel. Here are some steps to take on your trip.

A Creative Focus for 2021

Stack of Books

Working within limitations actually forces our brains to solve problems more creatively.

How I Learned to Focus


~ Becoming a Focused Writer ~ Being able to focus is always an issue for a creative writer. No one is telling you what story world to invent nor how to get yourself in the seat, start writing, and then keep at it. Somehow, you have to shut out the world around you and zero … Continue reading How I Learned to Focus

Writing Visionary Goals

Writing visionary goals by Zara WEst

~ Why I Start with Visionary Goals ~ In my last post, I talked about how I set up my writing journal. In this post I will explain how I set my visionary goals. Designing Visionary Goals When designing goals, there are three things we are advised that make a good goal. The first is … Continue reading Writing Visionary Goals

Time Management versus Creativity in Writing

Notebook Zara West Suspense

Or Why Hitching Creativity to the Clock is Doomed to Failure Yikes! Where did the time go? My last post was when - December? So much for keeping a writing journal. It was such a good idea - writing down what was going on in my writing. So what happened?  Well, now that I am … Continue reading Time Management versus Creativity in Writing

Why NaNoWri fires me up to write faster

NaNoWri or National Novel Writing Month starts on Tuesday. This will be my third year participating. I don't know why, but somehow tracking words and trying to attain the 50,000 word challenge in 30 days just gets my blood flowing and the creative juices oozing.  So I am getting set for the race to the … Continue reading Why NaNoWri fires me up to write faster

How I made a Book Trailer for Beneath the Skin

Beneath the Skin

How I Made a Book Trailer for Beneath the Skin! Book trailers are the hot new thing in book marketing. With my background in making videos, I just had to try my hand at creating one for Beneath the Skin. It was terrific fun! How I Made the Book Trailer This is the first time I … Continue reading How I made a Book Trailer for Beneath the Skin