Mind Mapping Your Story Ideas

Are you a visual person? Do you hate outlining? Then mind mapping is for you. It is also a powerful tool for any writer. A mind map is a visual representation of connected ideas. This makes it perfect for playing with different elements of a story.

Build Amazing Characters from the Inside Out

woman peering through lights

Creating amazing characters is key to writing a story readers will remember and return to again and again.

Characters as Verbs

~ I ________ you ~ I was very fortunate to have the chance to hear Damon Suede speak at the New Jersey Romance Writers Conference last fall. The topic of his talk was character development. Give Your Character a Verb One thing that stood out for me was his suggestion that before you decide on … Continue reading Characters as Verbs

Beneath the Skin is different

Beneath the Skin romantic suspense www.zarawestsuspense.com

Now I read a lot of romantic suspense novels. I love them. Why else would I write them? I like the fact that there is mystery and threatening villains along with the love story. I like the complexity of the plot and the challenging of binding the romance so tightly into the suspense plot line … Continue reading Beneath the Skin is different

Food Moments in Fiction

Fornino Pizza www.zarawestsuspense.com

Characters have to eat too. Today is National Pizza Day so I thought I would give a plug for Fornino in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This is where my romantic suspense hero in Beneath the Skin likes to eat. Aristides Stavros might be a famous artist, but he's not much of a cook. It also proves a great place to escape … Continue reading Food Moments in Fiction

Let Them Wear Red: Ethical Clothing for My Characters

Today is National Wear Red Day in honor of women. So I thought that I would share some red outfits my characters might enjoy wearing on this day. Note: In keeping with my new awareness of ethically made clothing, all the gorgeous garments featured here are made in conscience to worker's rights and the environment or from … Continue reading Let Them Wear Red: Ethical Clothing for My Characters