Graffiti drawing of street girl

Beneath the Skin

Can love exist without trust?

I am so excited. My novel, Beneath the Skin, a romantic suspense, will be published by Wild Rose Press sometime next year. I have started this blog to track the progress of the book as it goes through the editing process.

Here is the storyline:

Beneath the Skin is the story of long hidden secrets, broken trust, and hope and love reborn.

Set in the hipster culture of contemporary Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the novel spans all levels of New York society from p the crews of graffiti artists who emblazon every wall and the tattoo artists who emblazon everyone’s skin to the rarefied lives of world-renowned artists, multi-millionaires, and international crime lords.

A Williamsburg, Brooklyn tattoo artist is missing, and Melissa Dermott blames herself and her desire to help abused women. But what Melissa, an NYU graduate anthropology student studying tattooing, doesn’t know, is that searching for her friend Bella will dredge up deeply buried secrets, putting her heart and life at risk. Because two men are also looking for Bella, and Melissa must choose which one to love and which one to flee.

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