Zara West’s Author Bio for Beneath the Skin

There is nothing more difficult then writing about yourself. Nobody likes to brag. Nobody wants to pat herself or himself on the back. So composing a bio about myself to include in Beneath the Skin was a real challenge.

I decided to do some research on what authors are supposed to include in their “About the Author” page.

  1. Neil Patel advises you to remember that the bio is not really about you, but about your reader. What does your reader need to know about you? What makes you qualified to write this book?
  2. Heather Hummel emphasizes including awards you’ve received for your writing. An award-winning piece of writing has sparkle.
  3. Chris Robley warns that a little bit of personal history goes a long way.
  4. Cameron Pierce says emphasizing the places we are gives our identities a greater richness.
  5. Anne R. Allen urges us to make it newsworthy. Share something spectacular or unusual you have done.
  6. Roni Loren suggests a touch or humor and something personal.

So taking all this good advice into account, this is what I came up with. And I must have done something right because I am happy to say that it was approved by Wild Rose Press.

Zara West loves all things dark, scary, and heart-stopping as long as they lead to true love. Born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Zara spends winters in New York where the streets hum with life, summers in the Maritimes where the sea can be cruel, and the rest of the year anywhere inspiration for tales of suspense, mystery, and romance are plentiful.

An accomplished artist by training and passion, she brings a love of art to every book she writes. When not marooned on an island or chasing after Greek shepherds, Zara tends her organic herb garden, collects hats and cats, and whips up ethnic dishes for friends and family.

A member of RWA, Zara is an award-winning author of both fiction and non-fiction. This is her first romantic suspense.

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