Beneath the Skin

Beneath the Skin is Available for Pre-Order

Beneath the Skin is Here!

Look what arrived yesterday! A whole box of my hot off-the-press romantic suspense Beneath the Skin. I have published books before, but I think this was the most exciting of all my books. It has taken me seven years to move from non-fiction writing to fiction writing. I have taken hundreds of courses and workshops and made a trillion false starts. I wrote three other novels, before getting this one published. So yes, Beneath the Skin is special. The cover is also absolutely beautiful. Thank you Wild Rose Press for publishing my book!

Beneath the Skin’s First Sale

So what was the first thing I did when the boxes were delivered. Opened them of course! And I had to share. So I ran outside and caught the postal carrier lady who was gabbing with my daughter at the mailbox to show her what was in those heavy boxes she’d just lugged to my door. And guess what? She bought the first copy.

What’s Next?

I getting ready to release the book trailer for Beneath the Skin. This is a new challenge for me. Be looking for it. Meanwhile…

Pre-order Beneath the Skin from:

Beneath the Skin Order TWRP Button

Amazon buy button yellow

Beneath the Skin Buy Button B &N

Remember the release date  for Beneath the Skin is June 17th!

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